Tech Tip 001

How do I connect a DMX SPD to an outdoor LED Luminere?

DMX is frequently used by designers for creating theatrical effects, colour changing and dimming of outdoor lighting installations. Sometimes forgotten is that the cables connecting the Poles to the DMX Controller are subject to the same threat from lightning strike as are the mains cables.

The wiring is a ‘daisy chain’ configuration. When looping from one Pole to the next, two pairs will be connected to the DMX driver. For this reason the SPD must be able to handle two pairs ‘in’ and two pairs ‘out’.

DMX is a 3 wire system with a common or shield used to protect against interference and this is connected independent of the electrical earth.

The DLA2-06D3 is a nominal 6V device and the DLU-24D3 is a 24V rated device. It complies with the requirements of IEC 61643-21.