POLYPaK 2 – New Version

The POLYPaK is our most popular in-pole junction box. The new version at first glance doesn’t appear to be much different. Dimensionally the changes are subtle but the product has changed in two important ways.

The POLYPaK has an IP rating of IP44. This rating is based on as assessment that considers the normal application inside a pole and behind a sealed cover door. There are some 6 million IP44 rated Sogexi enclosures in service around the world.
In some European markets IP54 is the minimum required IP rating. The POLYPaK2 now has an optional IP54 gasket in the form of a moulding that seals the cable entry space at the bottom of the housing.

The POLYPaK is popular because it has compact dimensions but will importantly accommodate MCB and RCBO devices that are the default tools in use in Australia.
The new POLYPaK2 allows three such modules to be mounted side by side. Why is this important?

The answer requires us to reference AS3000 and what it tells us about SPD (surge protection devices) and RCD (residual current devices) being used together. Appendix F clause F1.2.2 proposes:

  • that SPD’s should be installed prior to any RCD devices
  • that SPD’s should be protected by an OCPD separate from the SPD

Our approach is to combine the three components as shown. The new POLYPaK2 allows us to mount the components ‘side by side’ as shown.